Deer Processing


Weaver Meats has a large variety of fresh and custom deer processing options.

HUSH Program: Weaver Meats is no longer participating in the HUSH program. The HUSH program was created to allow hunters to donate their whole deer carcasses to the Food Shelf. The DNR provides funds to the processing plant with the intent of covering processing costs. Unfortunately, the funds provided to the processing plants from the DNR per deer have not changed in ten years, while processing and labor costs have continued to increase to the point that our processing costs are significantly higher than the payment from the DNR. The lack of funds combined with our facility and labor limitations during deer season are the driving forces behind our decision to step away from the HUSH program.

Deer Season Guidelines:

We will start taking Deer in September with the first season and continue to accept deer until the last season in January.

All deer brought in need to have the proper tags attached and confirmation number.

Custom processing must be paid in full at time of pick up.

We do not offer long term storage of deer meat. If deer is not picked up and paid for with in 14 days of ready date then storage fees will be applied to your total bill.

If not picked up by May 1st. deer will be considered abandoned and the DNR will be notified.

In the link provided below you will find our current deer prices.


Whole Deer Processing and Bagged Meat Guidelines:

All carcasses brought to Weaver Meats must be field dressed! If the weather is warm bring the deer into the locker immediately and pack the cavity with ice to keep cool.

Fresh cuts and ground meat you get back will be from your own deer.

We are no longer accepting quartered or bone-in deer meat.

We reserve the right to refuse any trim not properly handled

We will not accept whole deer or boneless trim without a deposit! Whole deer deposit is $125.00 Boneless trim will require a $50 deposit

We will no longer accept quartered and bone-in portions of deer. All deer meat must be brought in either as a hide-on whole carcass or as clean boneless trim. Boneless trim must be rid of hair, blood, and excess fat).

Boneless trim must be in food-grade containers. Garbage bags are not food-grade and therefore meat will not be accepted that arrives in garbage bags. We have bags available for sale, if needed.

We have also made the decision to no longer accept quarters and bone-in portions of other wild game species such as elk.

All processed deer must be picked up and paid in full within 2 weeks after you are notified that your order is ready. Deer meat that is not picked up will be subject to storage fees.

All meat that we process or trim brought in is commingled, unless you have enough meat to make a 100# batch of one product.

We do NOT accept deer meat that has already been through a grinder.


Getting your own deer meat back:

  • We require a 100 lb minimum of meat (including pork) per one custom item
  • There is an extra $0.50/lb charge on all “own batches”
  • Own batches will be subject to longer wait times

Deer Price Sheet



Make sure to check in with our Facebook page for deer drop off times and up to date information!

Thank you and Happy Hunting!